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Real Car Alarm


Real Car Alarm v.1.5.1 release (created 7 March 2019) (updated 03 February 2023).


System requirements:iOS 10 or later.


It is a security system for protect your car from bad guys who wants steal or damage it. The system notifies you about hits and it works anywhere where is internet.

You should have two devices. The one is for motion detection. The second is for remote. Set unique channel name in settings screen the same for both devices. It will use for connection between devices. Choose modes different for devices. Set Motion Detector on one device and Remote on second device. Lock Motion Detector device and lay in the car. Press Lock button on Remote device. If Lock icon sets green then second device starts protect your car.

You can receive alarms when Remote device is in active state or when locked. You can get information where your car on the map from Remote device if you allow get location on Motion Detector device.

Use devices only in limit from environmental requirements. Study please Tech Specs.

Use a power bank for increase a work time Motion Detector device.

For better user experience you should turn off on Motion Detector device all background tasks, background apps and notifications from other apps for exclude wrong triggering.


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Real Car Alarm

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