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SQUIDmon v.3.1. release (updated 15 march 2004) (created 23 november 2001).


After 30 days of use you should buy the given program or uninstall her.

System requirements:Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP.


This utility was designed to monitor the current user activity on a SQUID proxy server. It will get the specified data out of all the statistical data of a proxy server, such as the IP address or the host name, visited URLs and downloaded bytes.


You should have SQUID proxy server and any HTTP server installed. The server should have access to cachemgr.cgi which is copied during the installation of a SQUID server. In our case it was in the following location: /home/httpd/cgi-bin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For fast operation go to IE internet settings Tools->Internet Options...->Connections->LAN Settings...->Advanced...-> and check "Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with" here enter the IP address of your proxy server.


In "Options" adjustments:

URL - register here URL on which go up to statistics. http://[IP the address of a server]: [port]/cgi-bin/cachemgr.cgi?host=localhost*port=80*user_name= and operation=active_requests*auth= Example at statistics not closed by the password:

RED - in statistics of a word are allocated with red color. Example: sex, porno, teen.gif.jpg

BLUE - in statistics of a word are allocated with dark blue color. Example:

All changed parameters are kept in the register.

On a working surface of the appendix:

underline - emphasizes and allocates with you the chosen word, at continuation Viewing of statistics, it is useful at observation of work separate The user or at observation of work with a concrete site.

DNS/IP - a conclusion of a name of the machine or on IP to the address, or named machines, if at you it is not adjusted locally DNS delays are possible, conclusion of statistics, at adjusted DNS delays will be To be shown at a plenty of connections.

Start/Stop-Start and a stop of work of the monitor.

1 sec. - change of the period of time of interrogation of a server.

About - for communication with the founder and for the information.


Red Hat Linux release 7.0 kernel 2.2.16-22
Squid 2.4
boa - http a server.
On OS: Windows2000prof.eng.sp2, Windows2000advanced.eng.sp2, Windows Nt4.0.eng Sp6, Windows 98pe, Windows XP.


Hot local keys:
CTRL + "/" or "S" - Start/Stop;
CTRL + "" or "D" - DNS/IP.

Hot global key CTRL + "-" - maximize/minimize a working window.


15.03.2004 New version SQUIDmon Release 3.1 has left. New features:

  • The ergonomics are increased.
  • In the panel status we can see the information on volume of statistics, resolving IP addresses, errors, connecting with server.
  • Now on double pressing in the link in statistics at once it is possible to see her in browser.
  • In an options the button of check once updating on inquiry of the user.
  • Now is possible to choose a way to a file hosts which you directly may cause from the program for modification is added.
  • And many others.......

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