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ToolTipZEN v.3.0. release (updated 6 september 2004) (created 28 june 2002).


System requirements:Windows 2000,XP,2003.

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Simple program for showing stickers with notes on desktop, which can always be at hand, for example, a plan of the day, links to interesting resources, which you want see another time, for learning foreign words, other interests. This program is based on ToolTip component. You may encode confidential data directly in a note with the help of hardware key HASP4. Major advantage in comparison with similar products is small requirements to operational system.


ToolTipOn/ToolTipOff - for showing or hiding current note.

x and y - position of the note on desktop in X and Y accordingly.

Width - width of the note . Works when the note contains spaces.

Always On Top - check to show the note a top all other windows.

Change background color - change color background of the note.

Change text color - change text color of the note.

TEXT - text of the note.

password1 and password2 - passwords of your hardware key HASP4, by default equal to demonstration passwords 15417 and 9632.

Encode and decode - encoding and decoding the data with your hardware key HASP4 for all ToolTip. The quantity of encoded symbols should not be less than 8 symbols. If non-printable symbols are encountered, encoding will be terminated.

Clear clipboard - to delete passwords from the clipboard, if you use them for internet or other purposes.

demo key - for using demonstration passwords 15417 and 9632.

save passwords - save passwords for HASP4 as plain text in the registry. To increase confidentiality of the information, it is recommended to not save passwords.

New ToolTip - create a new note.

Delete current ToolTip - delete the active note.

transparent - allows to make the note transparent or non-transparent.

Balloon - allows to change shape of the note, either rectangular or oval.


F1 - run help.

ESC - close ToolTip.

Delete or Del - delete current note.

+ - create a new note.

F5 and F6 - encode and decode the data with your hardware key HASP4 for all ToolTip.

F9 - search links in the current note.


In order to change font or size of the caracters, you can go to "Display Properties"->"Appearance", where you can choose the Item ToolTip. There you can find advanced options. After making changes click the button "Apply" to make changed data come into force.


The panel for editing properties of a note can be opened also by clicking the right mouse button on the note. The note can be moved by changing parameters in the panel of properties of the note, such as X and Y, or by dragging the note with left mouse button pressed. You can hide title if you choose " No Title ".

At minimization of the program window, the program minimizes into system tray (default in the bottom right corner), by clicking with right mouse button on the icon in the system tray, it is possible to run the popup menu in which it is possible to choose and run at once the note, to hide or show all notes, to encode or decode all notes, to make a backup copy or to restore a backup copy, to delete or create a note, to leave from the program, and to run help in the menu About.

When choosing the option Make backup copy in the popup menu, the program will keep on a disk a copy of records in the register for all notes. To restore saves records, it is necessary to choose an option Restore backup copy in the popup menu, then previous data will be lost, and the saved data restored.

Double click the note with left mouse button, to minimize ToolTip.

Now you can input text straight into ToolTip without opening the panel for editing.


You may find information on keys HASP4 at website


06.09.2004 New version ToolTipZEN Release 3.0 has left. In new version you can see:

  1. You can create transparent notes.
  2. Encode decode all note with HASP4
  3. New type Balloon
  4. Correct some errors
  5. You can make backup copy notes
  6. And many others

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